• OrthoSurgical Innovations 2018

    Symposium for Healthcare, Academia and Industry

    Stockholm, 17th – 18th May 2018

PRECIIS Welcomes you to
OrthoSurgical Innovations 2018

The symposium is bringing together clinicians, engineers and industry partners to discuss technological development in orthopaedic surgery. The aim of this interdisciplinary symposium is to stimulate the creation of novel research ideas and to facilitate the diffusion of these ideas into healthcare.

A Symposium for
Healthcare, Academia and Industry





Keynote Speakers

orthosurgicalinnovationsProfessor Roger Emery

Imperial College, London
President of the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow
Research on shoulder replacements and intraoperative guide machines

orthosurgicalinnovationsProfessor Thomas Gregory

University Paris Descartes
Upper limb and sports surgery
Founder of the Foundation Moveo Paris
Research in Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to Orthopaedics

orthosurgicalinnovationsDr Max Gordon

Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Founder of DeepMed AB
Research in Artificial Intelligence applied to Orthopaedics


Inspiration and Perspiration – A Guide to the Conception, Development and Commercialisation of Surgical Inventions. Alastair Darwood

Artificial Intelligence – How is AI and especially deep learning used in orthopaedics today? Dr Max Gordon

The creation of a new innovative prosthesis – A case study from Imperial College Hamid Reza Alidousti

The developement of bioglass for its use in orthopedic surgery – How and when could we be using glass as a bone substitute for bone. Mr Peter Reilly

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality – How can virtual reality (VR) be used to educate surgeons today? How can augmented reality be used in surgery? Professor Thomas Gregory

Intraoperative guide machines an aid in surgery – The challenge of glenoid placement and how an intraoperative guide machine could help us improve their placement in shoulder surgery. Professor Roger Emery

Environment for multidisciplinary research – How do we create an environment facilitating and encouraging multidisciplinary research? A reflection on experiences at Imperial College, London and Fondation Moveo, Paris.
Panel: Prof Roger Emery, Prof Thomas Gregory, Dr Claes Lundström

Use of imaging software in orthopaedics – CT motion analysis software, a tool to analyse implant behaviour. Dr Henrik Olivecrona and Dr Cyrus Brodén

From idea to implementation of orthopaedic innovations: Saw blade, hip fractures, RSA and patient specific implants- Former Professor Leif Ryd


Poster Exhibition

During the symposium, there will be a poster exhibition. If you wish to bring a poster, please send an abstract to marie.ahnstrom.waltersson@liu.se before April 25th.

Invited Speakers

Dr Peter Reilly

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery Imperial College Health Trust
Honorary Senior Lecture Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College
Research on the use of bioglass in orthopaedic surgery.

Former professor Leif Ryd

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery, Co-founder and medical advisor of Episurf Medical, Co-founder of the RSA community and inventor of the cooled sawblade.

Dr Henrik Olivecrona

Consultant Orthopedic and Handsurgery, Karolinska Hospital.
Lead researcher and developer of an image registration software used in orthopaedics.

Dr Cyrus Brodén

Clinical Research Fellow Imperial College London.
Research and developer of an image Registration Software used in orthopaedics.

Dr. Alastair Darwood

Medical Doctor at Imperial College Healthcare Trust and founder of ‘Prometheus Surgical’, a company that developed an award winning orthopaedic guidance technology.

Dr HamidReza Alidousti

Research Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College. Designer of a new shoulder prosthesis in a translational research project funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Dr Claes Lundström

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Department of Science and Technology, Linköping University and Research Director at Sectra AB.

Symposium Practicalities


The symposium will take place at Spårvagnshallarna in Stockholm, Sweden on May 17th-18th, 2018 and will start and end with lunch. A conference dinner will be held on the 17th to maximize the time to meet and exchange experiences.

Learn more about Stockholm visitstockholm.com

The conference fee including dinner is 2500kr excl VAT.

Registration deadline 8th May.

PRECIIS members use a registration code provided by the project management to debit the project.

Organizing Committee

The symposium is organized by the PRECIIS project and supported by an organizing committee.

Claes Lundström, Sectra; Olof Sköldenberg, Danderyd Hospital; Cyrus Broden, Imperial College.



Scholarship for Foundation and Registrar Doctors/ AT and ST läkare

With the OrthoSurgical Innovations 2018 coming up, we are pleased to be able to offer free participation in the symposium (excluding dinner) for a limited number of younger doctors (AT and ST läkare). If this sounds interesting to you, write a few lines below why you would want to participate in the symposium and we will get back to you. We need your answer by May 8th.

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Symposium Registration

We welcome and look forward to interacting with you at the 2018 OrthoSurgical Innovations Symposium to address technological development in orthopaedic surgery.

Registration deadline 8th May

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For any inquiries please contact the Symposium Secretariat.